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He does lots of good stuff  but he does get a lot of freeload stuff i think.  Not just from suppliers but also pushing members to raise money too through their purchases.  It is gentle push but playing both sides of the coin it bit sharp

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You are correct in what you are saying, Marcus receives a lot of equipment, meat and other BBQ related goods. The reason he receives them, is because he is a leading figure in the UK BBQ scene, and has put a lot in to it.

Now I am not defending him totally in this, there was a group of BBQ folks after a rather unfortunate Supplier Issue, that pressured Marcus and people like him to declare items, when making Videos or posting on CWS FB, these products. 

Thats why you now see # on post etc, #ad (advert) #spon (sponsored) etc. Gives a clear indication the origin of the product.

Like this Forum, Marcus has overhead costs, that need to be found. We offer products on here that ALL PROFITS from them fund the Forum. So let’s not be to quick to judge others.

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