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Does anyone here run a controller on their smoker. I'm building mine at the moment for my gravity fed and I have 2 fans. One rated @16cfm and one @32cfm. Ok guessing the niche would be better due to the sheer size of the smoker as the smaller one would be running flat out. 

If you have a bbq guru do you have the viper fan or pitbull? 

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I use two types, Q Master Senior and a SmartFire.

This is a guide from the Q Master sight regarding fans.


Standard fan is a 10CFM, that’s used on a UDS which is a pretty big drum. I think 16CFM would be ample for you pit.

Or fit a fit a simple circuit with a Potentiometer, then you can control the fan speed manually. Full speed for start up, then turn down for cooking. Wouldn’t take May cooks until you would know exactly where to set the fan speed.

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