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2 more fatties (one experiment)

Sarah Duffy

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Another breakfast fatty. Make a few changes this time.

Experiment: philly cheese steak inspired fatty. Layers of seasoned rump, mushroom, onion, peppers, spring onion and a couple of cheeses. 


Was planning to use apple smoke but am i best sticking to hickory with the beef? Beef should take the apple ok? 



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9 hours smoking so far. Cannot complain about the Callow really. Few niggly issues but I’ve oretty much managed to get temps where I’ve wanted and maintain as needed. Had a half hour of high temps earlier that I couldn’t bring down. Soon realised the water bowl needed topping up and it steadied out again. 

Not done a huge amount due to lack of space. 2 fatties, some sauces and chicken then brought the temp back down a few hours ago for brisket. Foil wrapped around an hour and half ago and about ready to be sliced now so just bring temp back up. Running with lump wood today too so I was expecting to struggle a bit more with that and the addition of wind and rain. Wind break has helped a lot. Rain doesn’t seem to have impacted it really.

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