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SV Cooking Times


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I have to ask this question and I already know there is not going to be a definitive answer but here we go. Why are there so very many different suggested cooking times for meats when attempting to cook with SV? Fish products have pretty much fixed cooking/temp times on almost every website you care to check with which makes it very easy for the beginner but when it comes to any kind of meat the temp/time combination varies dramatically! I'm not referring to the thickness of the item because I understand that will vary from cut to cut, well unless you happen to be Heston Blumenthal! I've checked maybe ten sites for a definitive time/temp combination and almost every one gives varying temp/time numbers, some quite dramatic! It seems to be based entirely upon personal preference and or experience! Not what is needed for a beginner who may, very well, get it wrong and end up with a case of the, well least said soonest mended!! Explanations on something way bigger than a postcard please..

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