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We smokers, we happy breed.


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Just back from a 70 birthday party? The hosts decided to cook an enormous hunk of pork in the Aga which ended up on the plate looking very sad indeed! Dry, very very dry, but my heart lifted when I saw ? the crackling!! Man alive it was salty? I've now had six pints of water and I'm still thirsty! The only way to get the pork down was to smother it in the home made apple sauce, which to be honest was very very nice. By the way, this was a relative of mine so I'm allowed to criticise. This grilling/smoking business has spoiled me! Oh and guests kept coming up to me and asking the most ridiculous questions about smoking! My relative had told them I was into smoking food and these people sat around looking at me and muttering? Is this normal I ask members of the forum? I ask this question of the long term smokers but please, new members, offer you're  experience's. Tell me, am I to suffer this at any and every future event I attend? Are we, as smokers, that strange a breed??

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I was very very close Ice! It was that or anything from Blackadder. My wife thinks its a bigger money pit than my love of American muscle cars! Not even close is the truth but I'm not gonna let her know what I spend on them, well the bits and bobs anyway. She's not speaking to me at the moment because I've just taken delivery, on Friday, of the new 2017/18 Dodge Charger, wanted the 2018/19 but Europe have refused it a certificate due to its 700bhp and side wings (down force). ?

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