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Toast test - interesting results


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Still getting to know the YS640 and decided to do a toast test to work out if any hot spots exist.  Temp was set at 350°F  (seasoning the heat diffuser at the same time), looks like the bottom rack front left and back right areas are areas to avoid to ensure even cooking. Both slices were visibly more curled and browned. Over the course of 20 mins or so.

Top shelf was even, if a little more biased toward the smoke stack, which is where I do most of my cooking anyway. Most of the blurb online says this is to be expected.

Also took temperature readings from both top and bottom shelves.  Almost a 20°F higher reading at the bottom compared to the top when measured in the center of both areas. If the top shelf could be lowered down by 20mm it would be blob on with the Yoder controller reading.

All useful observations and it'll help with deciding where and when to load her up for big cooks!


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