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Cooking in the rain


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Hi Everyone, 

Forecast over the next few days is a bit shocking, and I am planning on smoking some grub on the AK tomorrow when it is due to be raining.  I don;t mind cooking in the rain, but have a question about starting the fire in the kamado whilst it is raining?  I don't have anywhere to put it under cover, it will be fine once at temp as I have a smokehouse chimney vent so rain won't drip in, but during the initial lighting I usually keep the lid up for 10 mins or so.  any tips (apart from stand there with an umbrella?

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If its forecast rain I usually get it ready to light in advance (literally just need to light the fire lighter).

Then I will be prepared to light it abit earlier than desired, and light it early if there is a break in the rain.

Failing that, you could use a peice of wood to stop the lid from fully closing so the dome acts as shelter for the coal.

I usually just shut the lid once lit though but thats just personal preference.👍

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To be fair my one isn’t the snuggest fit (I don’t think it is the genuine smokehouse one, but that style. I saw it in a shop and thought I’d try it. I only use it when it starts raining but seems to work well.  When I get round to it I’ll put on a thicker gasket and that should make it nice and snug.

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