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ProCook Knife & Lidl Boning knife


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Bought a ProCook 10 inch Ham/Salmon/Beef knife, a couple of weeks ago for slicing a ham I was going to be smoking and thought it was going to be rubbish compared to my previous Mercer, see picture, which had become more like a Stiletto than a carver! Anyway I'm here to say that having used it for the first time, in anger, today I have been very pleasantly surprised indeed. For a very reasonable £12.00 pounds, no not a joke, it has, without doubt, proven to be, as good as my way more expensive Mercer! OK maybe it wont last as long but hey, I'm not as young as I once was so not a major issue. The other item was a boning knife from Lidl, yes who'd have thought it! This little beauty cost me just £2.48 on sale and is proving to be a superb buy! Yes I know what you are thinking but for £2.48 if I have to sharpen it every time I use it then it was still worth the money.?


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3 hours ago, Justin said:


Yep, that's the one. Its as sharp out of the box as any I've bought or used before and not even a quarter of the price of one of the mediocre makes! Nicely balanced in the hand and just flexible enough to make thin slicing pleasurable? Hold on! I'm not trying to sell this for them! I seem to have gone into Amazon review mode? Sorry people. Oh and it comes with a 10 year guarantee! No brainer or what?

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10yr guarantee
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