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Online store recommendations for rubs

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Afternoon all,

Me again :) so I'm ready to get back on the smoke wagon next weekend planning to do a spatch cocked chicken/smoked new potatoes and then some pulled pork burnt ends.

I want to order up some rubs to try out and was going to order from bbqgourmet.co.uk and try out Killer Hogs The BBQ rub and then the Oakridge BBQ 'Secret Weapon' Pork & Chicken Rub.

What other online store recommendations you guys got up your sleeves as the is nowhere local to me that I can go to, to buy off the shelf as such.

All recommendations welcome as I'd ideally like to order it up by Friday so I have them ready for next weekend!



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There are a few good rub suppliers / producers knocking round, a few I've used are:

http://bbqgourmet.co.uk - Rich has a wide range of imported rubs from the US. Met him at a BBQ course I did last year and he's really knowledgeable plus enthusiastic. Highly recommend the Oakridge rubs he sells. Tip: get the larger sizes to cut down repeat orders! Blues Hog Competition sauce is a good example!
https://www.fireflybbq.eu/collections/rubs - Glossop based producer. I've been using their Memphis Pig Rub on Pulled pork recently, it's got a kick. Recently purchased some of their Kansas Sweet and Dallas Lonestar too - latter is really peppery and great on steaks!
https://www.angusandoink.com/ - Bought my Yoder from these guys. Their rubs are ace, full of flavour and really well priced. Currently rocking their Montreal Steak and Burger Seasoning on salads.

Firefly and Oakridge are both available on Amazon should you wish to use them but I find it's easier to order direct

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