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Quality tools/utensils

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For things like knives I have found the best places to go are catering suppliers like Nisbets and NextDayCatering. If you can take your time they often have different knives on special offer.

I have a couple of Tsuki knives which are fantastic but they were expensive. I have also had Hygiplass and Vogue knives which are much cheaper but which have also been very good. You can pay a lot for some of the well known names but you sometimes have to ask yourself if the knives are worth the premium. I guess it is down to what you will be using them for and how often you intend using them. 

I have a Victorinox fish filleting knife which cost me £8 about 10 years ago at Billingsgate market and is it still one of my most treasured knives.

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Nisbets offering free delivery on everything today 28th May.

Just got myself 2x5 foil trays to use as  drip trays 26x32x6 cm delivered for £4.59 which is a lot cheaper than I pay in the supermarket. Not in stock til 3/6 though

The free delivery is handy if looking for low value stuff as well.

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