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Fatty - a great way to have a clear out...


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This was a post that I made on the US Smoking Meat Forums way back in 2014. With the interest in fattys I thought it would be good to update and repost here...

With so many on here posting such wonderful photos of their fatties recently it made my mouth water so much that I needed to make one.

But what to make it of? That was the big question... In the end I dug deep into the bowels of the freezer and into the back of the cupboards and pulled out some of the things that needed using up. Although the egg and bacon ice cream (thank you Heston) and the Patum Peperium Gentleman's Relish did go straight back, I found I had enough ingredients to create my fatty. My search of the vaults resulted in a quantity of chicken breasts, duck breasts, smoked cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives and garlic and so rather than try to find a recipe I decided to just put them together and see how they turned out.

First the chicken - liberally coated in lemon pepper


Next a layer of duck - which I seasoned with my own 5-spice mix


Finally a topping of smoked cheese, chopped sun dried tomatoes, crushed garlic and a row of green olives.


Rolled up and chilled while the bacon was weaved


The bacon weave blanket


Wrapped and left to chill overnight


This morning the Webers are prepped. The left is my 26" in which was smoking spatchcock chicken with Mesquite and the right is one of my 22" in which I was smoking the fatty with hickory. On the 22" i was using the IQ-110


Fatty in and ready. IQ and Mavericks in position. This photo probably gives you a better sense of the size than the previous ones.


Both the fatty and the chicken were smoked at 240 F (115 C) with the top vents 3/4 closed until they reached an IT of 157 F (80 C). This took a little over 4 1/2 hours.

With chicken I prefer to take it a little higher than needed. Not required for food safety but just a personal preference.


Meanwhile the chicken was just finishing off as well...


Both were wrapped in several layers of foil and left to rest for just over an hour

The fatty before cutting


The moment of truth


For something that was created on the spur of the moment from whatever I could lay my hands on in the house I must admit I am rather pleased with how it turned out.

What would I change? I think it needed a little more garlic (my wife does not agree) and maybe a little more 5-spice on the duck.

If you have never made a fatty before I hope this gives you the confidence to just give it a go. They are fun to make and taste good too.

But what about the chicken I hear you all shout!. That is in the fridge now and will be tasted tomorrow...


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1 hour ago, dl8860 said:

On a side note, I can't believe how much bigger the 26" kettle looks than the 22"!

Unfortunately Weber seem to have discontinued them - at least they no longer appear on their web site. This is a shame as the the 26" (67cm) kettle combined with a Vortex is unbeatable when it comes to grilling.

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