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Hey All! Need your help!


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Hello everyone.

I am new to smoking. I got a Pro Q frontier for my birthday in October and have been smoking as much as I can from Pork to beef and also Pheasant. Loving it so far but there is a lot to learn. Thank god for the internet. 

One thing that I am struggling with is being able to get my brisket and pork perfect. I am always getting stalls at 140f and they last for hours to point were I have to take it off. I'm talking 12 hours plus and it's only risen from 140 to 160. I have an inkbird digital thermometer and I don't think that it is inaccurate (hmm maybe) but I'm starting to wonder what I am doing wrong. I have 225f all the way through the cook and no matter what cut of pork or beef I'm smoking I'm still having stalls at 140. I smoked a small brisket from Aldi today thinking it wouldn't take as long as normal but still 12 hours later it was only at 172. No matter what grade of meat I'm smoking weather it's Aldi meat or best meat from the butcher it always stalls the same. 

In short, is this normal? 

Many thanks


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Do you wrap the meat in foil or Butchers paper when it reaches the stall?  I haven't used my ProQ in a while but wrapping at around 150F always helped the internal temperature rise past the stall quicker than leaving it unwrapped in my experience, but still takes a while to finish. Stall can take anything from 2-4 hours to get past depending on cooking temp, size and type of meat in my experience whatever type of cooking vessel your using charcoal, pellet etc

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Thanks guys! I'm currently 8 hours in on a pork shoulder and I wrapped it at 150 and so far so good. This time I also used sand instead of water in the pan and Temps have been more stable than I have found with water especially with the wind. When I took the shoulder out to wrap it was the most juicy I have ever done (my 5th so far). 


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