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Hi from Slough


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Hello everyone, just joined after receiving a business card for this place with some cherry wood chunks I ordered online.

I started smoking stuff on my gas grill last year but its not the best piece of kit and it uses a lot of fuel. I want something a bit more 'authentic', so I'm currently in the process of building myself a UDS - holes are drilled and drum was painted this morning so once that's dried I'll get the other pieces attached. Will add some pics once its done.

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Hi Flashmore and welcome to the forum.

A lot of people start smoking in the same way and then progress on to more purpose built smokers. You can get good results using a gas BBQ but as you found it can be quite inefficient and many gas BBQs are actually less controllable at the lower smoking temperatures than wood/charcoal smokers.

The bullet type smoker (including UDS) are a great option in a confined space like a back garden. They offer a good balance between cooking great food but in quantities that are appropriate for family style gatherings. Please keep us updated with your progress. We love pictures here :thumb1:

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Hi Kev, I say Slough but I'm actually closer to Colnbrook and Langley - a couple of minutes away from the old Honda roundabout.

UDS build is done for now. Couple of bits I still need to do but I'm impatient and wanted to use it this weekend! Some kind of bracket needs to be attached to sit my maverick ET-733 transmitter on, and the lid needs a handle. But lifting it by the exhausts will do for the weekend. 

Seasoned it yesterday and today I've got 4 racks of baby backs on it and its sitting nicely at 110c.

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