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I was going to bbq some wings and pork belly next weekend. I have made a smoker which Is preliminarily a cold smoker.  Can I smoke the meat before or after bbq’ing?  I was going to brine the meat then maybe cook in the oven, Transfer into the smoker for a couple of hours and finish on the bbq?  Is this a recipe for disaster or is there any other way I can make use of the smoker? I have used it a couple of times with nuts and cheese and had reasonable results. 

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Hi Mike - I don't think a cold smoker would really work (although I could be wrong!). As far as I can gather meat will take on the smoke at the start of cooking, not at the end, and I don't know if cold smoking something and then cooking straight away would be enough for the smoke to penetrate right through. And if you're cold smoking something like bacon etc you normally leave it a few days after smoking for the smoke to equalise a bit and get more into the meat and I doubt you'd be able to wait that long for ribs and wings.
What kind of BBQ do you have? Maybe someone can make a suggestion for hot smoking depending on what you're using

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