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Replacement Gasket for Mini?


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Had a bit of a grease fire mishap yesterday and the main gasket on the upper half of my Lidl mini kamado (Grill Meister) is misshapen and hanging loose.  I'm in need of a replacement but I don't see any online specifically for this model.


Should I just be buying the 10ft roll I see on amazon?  Anyone applied one of these to a mini and have any advice?  

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Thats unlucky🙁 

I recently replaced my felt with this felt;


I am really happy with it (even though the packaging is abit no frills).

Bear in mind that its the Monolith felt (since i have a Monolith classic and first time replacing myself) so price is higher than some of the other brands, but it will at least give you a starting point to compare similar types that are shorter and cheaper👍

If you have never done it before here is a tip...make sure you get EVERY single bit of glue removed from the previous felt otherwise it just does not stick. Luckily the roll had a bit extra to finish the job😁

Hope this helps

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