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Early start today


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Set the alarm for 05:30 to get the smoker going for a party this afternoon, a bit of a struggle as we had a tipple or two last night.

Pork shoulder on and up to temperature by 06:30 with some cherry and oak chunks.  I only normally use restaurant charcoal but I got a load of cheap briquettes from Lidl so I have started using charcoal in the minion with a chimney of briquettes in the middle and it seems to be working well, the briquettes seem a bit smokey when lighting so not prepared to use them unlit.

About 07:30 I checked my email and there was a message from Aldi that the Kamado was back in stock from 08:00 so joined the queue at number 440, not holding out much hope but at 08:00 is was able to order a Kamado, very pleased, but given the delivery woes of others my expectation of a successful outcome are low.

So, off the computer and on with the ribs, all ticking along nicely now, the Razzo is so easy to control, I have not had to make a single modification yet can easy hold temperature with little interference.

As a word of warning to new comers, I joined this to look at traditional hot and cold smoking, not really interested in bbq but since the beginning of March I have bought a Razzo bullet smoker, a Weber Master Touch kettle and now a Kamado, this site sucks you in!

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