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Hello From Aberdeen


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Hello all;

Just joined after picking up a mini kamado at Lidl for £99.

here for tips on best low and slow for brisket, pork, ribs, etc.

spent half my life in Texas so hoping to reproduce some of the tasty meats I was used to there.  

looking forward to improving my skills and stuffing my face!






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23 minutes ago, hoogl said:

Hi and :welcome: from a surprisingly sunny Glasgow. 

I have the older version of the wee kamado and it's great. Have you tried the butchers John Davidsons in Inverurie? They have a great BBQ selection.  

Hello Hoogl

Thanks for the tip on John Davidson's, I'll maybe head out that way at the weekend and see what they have on offer.  I typically use Morrisons or a local butcher (Tillydrone's Lurch Monster).

Before all of this COVID nonsense I was down in Glasgow fairly regularly, visiting Grandmother.  Are there any decent BBQ joints popping up in Glasgow?  Even tiny Aberdeen has a couple of decent food-truck type offerings now so I'm hoping there are some in Glasgow I can try out??

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I like Davidsons as they do online orders and will deliver nationwide. I used to use supermarkets pre covid as cheap cuts excel when BBQ'd. But I've been shielding since last March had to rely more online. Just had my 2nd jag and I think I'll stay in till June. 

I'm just outside Glasgow (In what's it called?) We used to have a Smoke BBQ in city centre but that closed the other year but there's a decent place in the East End https://www.dennistounbbq.com/



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Yay for another person from Aberdeen! 👋 I use the Tilly butcher as well when I can, sometimes Costco too (if you can get access to their they're good for some practice cuts, and I noticed have started doing beef ribs so I'm going to have to get some!). I've yet to try Davidsons - during full lockdown I was using Grid Iron Meat that are actually based in York, but everything was sent up fresh overnight and I could get free delivery for ordering less from them, but really want to try some of the Davidsons briskets and ribs as they look really good!

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