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Hi from the Cotswolds


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Hi there, I'm in the Cotswolds. Many moons back I went to the States and came back with a Weber Kettle which quickly made me realise I needed to learn. Anyway, it stood be in good stead until my wife wrecked it after 13 years of loyal service (the Weber, not the missus). Spent a few years not grilling but now I've decided to get back to it and also learn how to smoke.

I now have a Char Broil Kettleman and tomorrow I'm going to have a stab at Chicken Shawarma...regardless of the weather. I had a look at one of the recipes on this site so I'll be using that.



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26 minutes ago, Icefever said:

How did it turn out??? 



Still going. About 6c to go. I underestimated the amount of briquettes I reckon... that and 30 mph winds are conspiring to keep the temp low. I am definitely out of practice. The Kettleman is huge, which I also haven't taken in to account. My bad. Having fun though and half way through a bottle of Malbec. 😁🍷

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