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Suggestions for a large good quality charcoal bbq


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Hi everyone

i am after a large charcoal bbq (big family!) that is good quality but not too expensive. Max I am willing to spend is up to £250 but less if I can.

I’ve not considered gas as feels quite high maintenance and love the taste you get from charcoal.

any suggestions are much appreciated.

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A friend of mine had something like this - https://direct.asda.com/george/outdoor-garden/charcoal-bbqs/uniflame-classic-82cm-american-charcoal-grill/050077748,default,pd.html?cgid=D33M03G01C01


I think if you're only going to be using it for direct only, then it probably doesn't make too much difference. The cheaper models will have thinner steel and poorer seals, so won't be good for holding temperature for long cooks. You can certainly improve some of that insulation around the lid with some tape, but if you're just grilling up some chicken and burgers, then I think you can pick pretty much anything you want.

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I'd say go for a kettle. Can get a weber 18"/47cm one for around £200. That way you can direct or go low and slow indirect. If you can stretch I'd recommend a bullet smoker I have the 57cm/22" WSM and its a beast. I can remove the mid section and cook more direct but it is a bit awkward. Many on here use they ProQ smokers as they are more versatile for that style of cooking. You could look at a Pit Barrell also. 

It depends on the style of cooking you want to do. Direct Grilling (more hands on/quicker) or Low and Slow (Hands off time for family/longer cook time)


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Thank you both for the suggestions.

I’m not that sophisticated in my grilling, I use indirect heat to cook chicken mainly and then direct heat to sear off and cook anything else so not too inclined to go for a smoker. Maybe in the future.

The ASDA one looks good but out of stock.

I’ve been thinking about the Weber kettle and woll look into it further. Just want to ensure there’s plenty of cooking space!

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The limitation of kettles seems to be that you can't raise the height of the coals if you want them closer to the cooking grate for some extra cooking. I do however have my eye on a Weber Master Touch because I want to get a rotisserie ring for it.


I used to have one of these Landmann offset smokers - https://landmann.com/uk/product/kentucky-smoker-charcoal-barbecue/


It did me good for a few years. Plenty of space for some direct and indirect cooking, you can adjust the height of the coals (although it was quite rudimentary), and you can use the offset smoker to add a bit of smoke flavour to things. I will say that, for smoking, my experience is that an offset smoker is harder to use than my bullet smokers, because of the temperature variable between the side close to the firebox, and the side by the chimney, however, if you're doing chicken or ribs, or even pork shoulder, and you're comfortable cooking them some other way, whether oven, indirect, or even sous vide, then it's great to be able to add some extra smoke flavour.

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