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First batch of bacon 2021.


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Having done so much bacon the tailend of last year, and with hardly any room in any of our freezers,  I had to hold back on curing, but we went to Booker over the weekend and picked up a loin of pork.

I've cut 12 large chops and vac-pack them, cut the large end off for a loin joint, that left me with a middle slab bang on 2kgs.  That's now  vac-pasked with all the curing salts and 2 large teaspoon of Savory.

Leave that for 10 maybe 14 days, rince and it's going in the smoker with a load of chedder cheese and maybe some haddock....

Just a quick piccie, sorry about the sun, and that date is not 12/2/52 🤣 it's 25th/2/21 🤣




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