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Howdy Folks from Austin Texas


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Hi Billy and welcome to the forum.

It has been a few years since I have visited Austin but when I was there I tasted a lot of great BBQ. Do you do much BBQ at home (probably a silly question - ūüôā). Let us know a little more about yourself and which areas of BBQ/smoking inspire you the most.



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Thanks for the welcome Wade, I have a Green Mountain Jim Bowie pellet smoker and do a lot of meat (Ribs, Chicken, Pork) cooking on it. I am just starting to try some cold smoking of cheese and that's what brought me to your site when I was trying to find out why it smelled and tasted so BAD right off the smoke! I got some great advice off of one of your threads on this topic, just wished I had seen it before I threw away $50 worth of cheese!!

Also interested in smoking some nuts and trying some new things.

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I might as well get this i  before the nut smoking master @Wade gets here!

There is the weber recipe I did summer 2018 tailgate. Hot smoked on kettle


1 tsp soft light brown sugar

1 tsp cumin seeds. Ground in matter and pestle or mill in grinder. 

1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper

500g salted nuts mixed nuts or peanuts

2 tsp ground but oil.

Use kettle BBQ.  180-230degs c. 

Mix sugar, cumin, and cayenne pepper in foil tray. Add nuts and stir. Add oil. And toss mixture

Add hickory chips to charcoal I use soaked chips) and smoke indirect heat for about 20 mins. Be attentive. A shade or two darker is enough. When they'll try will crisp up. Make sure nuts are in single layer.

Serve at room temp. Store in airtight container 

I like wades idea of smoked salt. If nuts are bought unsalted like they sell in Lidl then maybe try this. 


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