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How long do you smoke bacon for?


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Just wondering - how long does everyone cold smoke their bacon for? I did a maple smoked maple bacon (smoked for 12 hours) and a cherry smoked treacle bacon (smoked for 9 hours) and both turned out really nice, but I'm wondering how long everyone else smokes theirs for? I was reading some people smoke for 7 nights in a row for hours and hours at a time, whereas others think 8 hours total is enough. I'm just wondering what other people's preferences are?

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Personally yes. Hickory is the choice of most of my smokery products. It is distinctive, sweet but not overpowering.

It is down to personal taste though. Some of my products use a Hickory/Oak blend as the Oak dilutes the Hickory flavour a little. Try several types of wood and find out which you prefer. All of the mainstream smoking woods will taste fine - just avoid the really strong woods like Mesquite until you have a better idea of your own preferences.

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