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A warm welcome from Stafford

Gourmet Meat Centre

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Hi all...my name is Darren and ive finally recovered from the many types if flu exoerienced by so many during the past 2 months and now im looking forward to gaining and sharing experiences and great tasting real food with everyone on the forum.

For those who dont know, I together with Sarah, own and run the Gourmet Meat Centre (Seasons) in Stafford.  We specialise in British game, rare breed meats and exotic meats.  No more on that otherwise I'll be receiving a rap on the knuckles from Steve.

Weve just completed building our hot and cold smokers and have been experimenting with some sucess (wont mention the disasters - out of ashes comes...). So, if you hear of a unit on fire in Stafford check here first for updates and photos..lol.





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Hi Darren and Sarah and welcome to the forum. We have all had our fair share of disasters over the years so don't feel that BBQ gods are picking on you specifically :D. It sounds from your post that you have made the smokers yourself - that is great. Do you have any photos of them that you can post? 

What have you tried smoking so far (hot or cold).

Cheers, Wade

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Hi Wade...I have to confess its all Steves fault as we cant have a coversation that doesnt in some way involve smoking ?.  I initially purchased a Bradley hot smoker but quickly rearnt that the single element was slow and therefore sous vide the meat first on occasions.  

Ive since purchased a second Bradley smoke generator which again uses the bisquettes (£ ?) and channelled the smoke up through a disused fridge.  This allows for greater volume to be smoked and havjng experimented with the connecting hose length im achieving a steady temperature between +12 to + 18c.  I dare say this may well increase once the weather warms towards summer.

Pictures will follow shortly as were having something of an annual sort out at present.

Ive tried the usual ribs, brisket and bacon etc but want to try pigeon, pheasant, duck and chicken breasts and naturally wild venison and boar haunch.  

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