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8 Open Cup Mushrooms (Golf Ball Size)
500g Pork Mince
16 Rashers Streaky Bacon
1 Tub of Cream Cheese 
2 Mozzarella Balls 
2 teaspoons Mixed Herbs


Mix in a bowl Mince, Herbs and Salt & Pepper to taste.
Remove stalks from mushrooms and scrape gills out with a teaspoon.
Place a teaspoon of Cream Cheese into mushroom and smooth out.
Divide Mozzarella Balls into four.
Divide mince into eight balls.
Flatten mince out and place a piece of Mozzarella in the middle.
Fold the Mince around Cheese until it's fully enclosed.
Place meat ball onto Mushroom.
Use the two slices of Streaky Bacon, wrap one around Shroom, then wrap the 
at 90 degrees to form a cross. Pin in place with a cocktail stick. 
Set Smoker up for indirect cooking @ 150'C and wood of your choice.
Cook at 150'C for 1 Hour, then turn up to 250'C our higher to crisp the Bacon. Just before the end of the cooking, you can coat in your favorite BBQ Sauce and cook for another 5 minutes.


Pack of Pork Mince


Mushrooms with stalks removed 


Soft Cheese, I like it with a touch of Chilli.


Mushrooms with a teaspoon of Cream Cheese.



Peice of Mozzarella placed in the middle of the mince.


Form the Mince around the Cheese to make a ball.


Wrap in Bacon.


Shroomballz finished, nice creamy Centre.


Time to enjoy.


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