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Martin L

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Hi All, forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section, just let me know where to ask my questions please.

OK, I am allergic to garlic, but ok with onions and other spices.  I have read that churizto comes in many varieties some without garlic - I cannot find these anywhere.  Any suggestions?  

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Hi Martin, from my own experience, there are only a couple of basics relating to safety if you are going to try to make a chorizo or salami, you need to use Cure#2 at the recomended rate (usually 25g 2.5 g per kg of meat) and salt content of 2.5% to 3% , everything else that goes into the mix is flavour related ingredients so you can play with those yourself.  A mix of 75% lean pork to 25% fatty pork will do meat wise and obviously the main spice needs to be paprika, but some onion powder and maybe a splash of red wine would go well. If you can find somewhere cool and airy to hang the sausages, weigh them before you hang, then keep weighing them till they lose 25%-30% weight they are done.  After you've had a go or two using a very basic metjod as above, then you can look into using starter cultures to change the PH, and humidity/temp monitoring, but to start with, keep it simple, it's not the dark art it's made out to be.  Obviously my suggested route is the 'bloke in a shed' method but it's not killed me or my kids yet.

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Edited to correct the recommended cure rate for Cure#2
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Hi Martin. You mention that you are allergic to garlic but that you can eat others in the onion family. Some people are allergic to fresh garlic but are OK eating dried garlic granules or garlic powder. Do you know if you are one of these?

Assuming that you cannot eat bulb garlic there are alternatives that you could use instead...

Spring onions - These are stronger in flavour than normal onions and work well as a mild garlic substitute. To get the full flavour you need to use both the white stem and about half the length again of the green leaves.

Garlic chives (or "Chinese chives") - Some of these can have a strong garlic flavour. They can be bought fresh in many Asian stores and can also be bought online as micro-herbs.

Wild garlic - These are a relative of the Chive family and have a good garlic flavour. The leaves are good to use.

Hedge Garlic - This is a common hedgerow plant that is very easy to forage. I have actually planted some in my herb garden - but be careful as it can become invasive. The leaves have a good garlic flavour and are best used when young.

Also, here is a recipe for garlic free cold smoked Chorizo that I have used several times

  • 1.5 Kg lean pork shoulder
  • 40 grams salt
  • 5 g Cure#2
  • 3 g ground white pepper
  • 16 g ground cumin
  • 24 g ancho chilli powder (or other mild pure chilli)
  • 70 g non-fat dried milk powder
  • 675 g of pork back fat
  • 60 ml ice water
  • 100 g thinly sliced spring onions (whites and half of the green parts)

Combine pork shoulder, salt, cure#2, pepper, cumin, ancho and milk powder. Grind through a large die
Grind the back fat through a small die and add to the mixture
Mix and slowly add the water
Add the spring onions and mix well until the water is absorbed and the meat appears sticky - about 2 minutes
Saute a small portion and taste. Adjust seasoning if necessary
Stuff into casings
Refrigerate overnight
Cold smoke for 4-5 hours (I use Hickory)
Hang in cool dry place (~15 C with ~65% humidity) for 7 days
Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks or freeze for longer storage

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10 hours ago, Wet Spaniel said:

...you need to use Cure#2 at the recomended rate (usually 25g per kg of meat) and salt content of 2.5% to 3% 

This is the ratio for a ready-to-use cure like Supracure (0.6% Nitrite).  When using Cure#1 or 2 (6.25% Nitrite) the rate is only 2.4 g per Kg meat.

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