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I am starting to draw up ideas for an outdoor cooking shack.  Thinking about dimensions and not sure where i would go when upgrading from the baby WSM....  Really like the look of the Bristol drum smokers.  Any opinions?  Self build is not an option due to a combination of lack of skills and poor health. 

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You can not go wrong with a Bristol Drum (UDS) very versatile and with good cooking area. 

Any thoughts on your Shack? What was you thinking of building? Presume that due to the lack of skills and your health, you would be looking to have on built? I purchased a building off EBay and did some modifications to it.


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Thanks for the comment on the drum.

Had our garden done by http://www.tranquilolandscapes.co.uk/ who are coming over for a chat on Friday.  There is a perfect part of the garden (below), which we can have paved and something installed.  Would like to use the roccbox and a smoker inside and pull bbqs outside.  I like the look of yours, offers some protection against the elements, but plenty of ventilation.




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