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Hello from the Highlands, first successful-ish brisket


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Hey Folks,

I'm James and i am from the Scottish highlands.

Always enjoyed a good BBQ but this last few months i have been getting into smoking meat joints on my reeeealy old falling apart kettle BBQ. My first attempt was a Pork belly which was really average as i couldn't get the temp up high enough on the old BBQ and it didn't seem to render the fat, it sat around 170/180 and wouldn't budge any higher.

My second attempt after watching a few youtube videos was a 3Kg Brisket. I rubbed it with salt/pepper and brown sugar and cooked this using the snake method around a water tray with the briquettes and cooked it for around 5/6 hours until it stalled and then wrapped it in butcher paper and gave it another couple of hours. The Temp got a little hot at around 265 but the end result was actually very nice. I rested it for an hour or so in the top oven and the meat Meat was a little drier than i would have liked but the taste was fantastic.

My BBQ is falling to bits, leaking badly and has no airflow control at the bottom so i think i may invest in a new one in the attempt to achieve this unbelievable briskets you see on YouTube. I have my eyes on the masterbuilt 560 as i have 4 young kids to chase around after and feel the automated temperature regulation will be a huge benefit to me, also means i can hopefully set it up early on the weekend and get the meat on while we go out for a few hours with the kids etc etc 


Do many of you spritz the meat every hour or so? I have seen a few videos with folks spraying a 50/50 mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar on.


If anyone has any brisket tips or masterbuilt 560 tips then I'd love some feedback




brisket 2.jpg


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13 hours ago, sotv said:

Hi & welcome James, hopefully the Masterbuilt will serve you through some of those Highland winters.

Thanks, I'm holding out for a possible winter BBQ discount before i bite the bullet, hoping the price may drop a little with demand dropping over winter? 

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9 hours ago, Colin39 said:

Welcome along, the masterbuilt is a good buy, my neighbor just bought one and he is really impressed 👍 

The brisket looked great🤤

Thanks for the welcome, i was quite surprised with the brisket given my prehistoric BBQ but i am now set on getting it even better, ideally a little rarer/juicier 

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