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Free beer making equipment avalible

Eddie Buttle

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Yes I said free, a family member has given me beer/wine making equipment for home brewing use. The person that this is going being giving to must use it and not just place it on EBay. Stuff available is a fermenting bin a plastic pressure barrel and other gadgets that you may need to get you going and save yourself a couple of quid. This is located in Ashford Kent and you will have to collect.

Regards Ed

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I might be interested in this if you don't mind keeping hold of it until the new year? I'm just down the road in Maidstone but have so much on over the coming week or so I won't have any time to come and collect.

I'd be using it to make up cider for the summer months (and may be some gluten free beer if I can find a good kit...)

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Valve90210, I'm a home brewer making all grain brews rather than kits though.  There is a beer fining called clarity ferm which you add to beer to stop it getting a chill haze. It also has very fortunate side effect that it drops the gluten content of the beer down to under the (I forget the ppm) threshold that means it can be classed as gluten free.  I used to brew for a celiac friend, make regular brews then add the clarity ferm and she was absolutely grand drinking it with no ill effects. I can't see why it wouldn't work with a kit beer - the only difference being the malt extraction has been pre-done for you, but I couldn't guarantee it - it might be worth you doing a little bit of reading up on it.  

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