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Beatrice Butt Goes To Weekend Spa


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Beatrice arrives at the spa and starts off Saturday with a skin peel followed by a deep tissue massage and a mud pack consisting of many botanicals including onion,garlic and mustard powder to name a few.She relaxes and meditates in a completely dark sensory deprivation chamber for the overnight.Sunday brings great things for Beatrice!You see, she's been wanting to lose some weight.Her Sunday plans include a sauna treatment to include aroma therapy with essences of hickory and cherry to help her melt away the fat.Beatrice's final indulgence will be a wrap,cool down and relaxation period before her pictures from Glamour Shots are taken.

Here is a pic of Beatrice in the evening before her overnight:Beatrice1.thumb.jpg.e1c64e18bd7b2cf52607a697dc89f660.jpg



Beatrice entered the sauna at 8:15 AM EST and her aroma therapy is scheduled for 9:15 AM.Here she is right before entering...Beatrice2.thumb.jpg.fb84313240f97b42998ea2adfbaca130.jpg


2 hours in. TBS aromatherapy well underway.Beatrice3.thumb.jpg.10a2efd2a89e0c69a8712e5de7abe127.jpg


5 hrs in. Added more aromatherapy. Coming along nicely.Beatrice4.thumb.jpg.0ef9fe649e72243b5deabae721969929.jpg


Beatrice had a stupendous,smashing weekend holiday at the Spa! She lost weight and got beautiful,glowing skin.She says she's most definitely going back soon!



Oh,I almost forgot! Chateau De Cochon gave her a goody bag with this wonderful house made deep skin emolient in it !Beatrice6.thumb.jpg.80a7d4a0e7dc27c951e73a997517aba8.jpg



Hope you enjoyed hearing of Beatrice's adventure!



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