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Water Pan on a WSM

Gaza the Instructor

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Should we put water in the pan? 

Do we need a pan?

Is temperature crucial?

Three simple questions. I am new on here but not new to water smoking and smokers. Bought my first one in B&Q

well in fact six of them.The little Brinkmann in 1992 was about £55 but noone knew what they were so already 

reduced to £15 each, i offered them £60 for the lot, sold and 5 happy friends.

Now own a 22"WSM and have had for 13 years only mod was door seal tape.

I cooked some ribs for the family and got several mumbles back meat not melting off the bone,a bit chewy???

I was a little miffed and then owned up to changing things. If it ain;t broke don't mend it.

I had removed the water pan, added a Sundial  and used a tip top temp, normal 3-2-1 cooking method, same coals

and same WSM ??

So I tried a little experiment on the family, three times a week for two weeks 2 racks Coscos Baby ribs, same rub same

bbq sauce even same foil. Here are my findings.

1  T.T.T and Sundial  no water pan managed to keep temp between 225 and 250 one bottom vent half open other two shut

open top vent dialed in TTT . Cook went well but ribbs not tender not almost falling apart notmuch pull back as our friends


2  TTT Water Pan with sand and lined with foil all went as per no1 . The Ribbs were more to their liking. You must understand

this is no1Son ans Daughter and Daughter-in -Law plus Grumpy and me the world famous Rib chef.and they have all been eating

my ribbs since the Ninetys.

3  TTT Water Pan with Laver Rocks and foil.All went well again good cook great smell nice taste but my Daughter said need more cooking???

4TTT Water Pan with water again great cook great smell nochange on anything very little temp swing, Result

BRILLIANO as we like DAD. Oh I was happy.

Well what about 5 and 6 OK. 

Both done the same Water in Bowl No TTT just the WSM thermometer on the lid. bottom 3 vents about half open(a bit less)top fully open

when i pulled them to wrap at 3hrs there was a bit of pull back and a fantastic smell brown sugar and Apple juice wrap for 2hrs made that

right. Final hour smothered in BBQ sauce. 10/10 from the kids I am back.

So my final conclusions are.

Water Pan, water is best its what it was made for.

The Sundial I will bend the fins up and hang chickens from the top grate.

Tip Top Temp a good little gadget cause that is all it is a gadget,if you are that worried use a thermometer with alarm and adjust your vents.

Water in the pan really helps with temp spikesand doesn't take long to clean with the hose.

And the Elephant in the room.Food and the moisture from the pan, Yes it does helpit boiled off 5ltrs in 6 hrs That is a Gallon of Steam???

Just one point before you let the dogs on me.

Modifications???? Why????? The Americans have it in their blood,Sorry guys. Let me explain. 

If you have an AMG Mercedes which has 500BHP someone will bring a mod out to make 520, but why Mercedes spent millions to develop

500bph not £50 on a boast for a bar stool.

If I have a 500Bhp Merc I want to drive it really fast, not just sit on a stool and boast its got 520.

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Wow that's a page or two mate...😆...I admit I dumped using water in my ProQ....I found it was too much trouble for me that is.  I now use sand and no problems...I suppose it all down to how what suits you??.

Can I have a go in your AMG when you buy one??? 🤣



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