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Chicken tandoori bone in thighs


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I made up some lovely tandoori masala spice. I then mixed it with some white wine vinegar. 1/3rd of a cup to 100g of spice. Combine then add 45ml cold qater and mix. Heat up 1/2 a cup of oil and stir fry the spice mix in a wok or wide bottom  pan until the water is incorporated and the oil rises to the top. About 10 mins. Leave to cool. Store in airtight pot and make sure there is a layer of oil on top. Store in fridge.

I used 150ml of yoghurt and 2 tblspns of the tandoori paste as a marinade on the thighs. I had skinned and trimmed the fat off the thighs. Pricked with a fork and put some deep slashes in the thigh meat and left them in marinade for at least 2 hours and maybe overnight in the fridge.

I bbqed direct for 4 or 5 mins  on direct heat and then medium heat indirect. Brushing with more of the marinade after 17 mins. I turned the thighs over once. Take off and serve once thighs reach 74 degs c. About 35 mins.

Fruity aromatic tandoori masala chicken. No red food colouring like you see in takeaways and 8nfoan restaurants....tasty. served on lettuce leaves.  The marinade really got into the thigh meat. 



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