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Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t but I’m bored so tough.


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Pork loin joint On the Weber kettle today.

Stacked up a mixture of Green Olive Co and Aussie Heat Beads with a lump of Cherry wood on top to cook a  2kg joint of pork loin.

Small spot in the middle lite up with hot air gun, just waiting on temp.B798772D-04C1-428C-86E7-BF7356F6E963.thumb.jpeg.2b93cb5ef8b71a5d974603bf2277588b.jpeg

drip pan at the ready


Loaded up ready to go!!


Starting temps


Update when done 


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Anddd.... it’s done.


few seconds over the charcoal 


final temps.. couple degrees over but it’s all good.1AA4CB9C-6F73-4D97-AAEB-4151796098F1.thumb.jpeg.0318df41d34df692dcc553f2063f4013.jpeg

Now reheating last nights Left over Queso... or as the wife says qweeeso 🙄 that we had with armadillo eggs. 

Always go to approx 200c on the coal when quick roasting... start slow and build up.

Just a quick note to say... no additional charcoal or wood was required for the whole thing.... if anything I was a little ott with it.


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