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Brisket cooking time


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I've ordered a 3kg brisket point. 

This may be a daft question, but will it take half the amount of time as a 6kg brisket? Or will it take the same amount of time? 

Obviously it will be smaller, but if it's just a brisket with the flat removed, I have no idea how to predict the cooking time! 

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Its ready when it's ready! 😁

Once it hits the stall then the Texas Crutch (wrap it in tinfoil) will help it speed through the stall. Or you could do a Harry Soo fast brisket and cook it at much higher temps.

Either way, the real test is to let it hit about 91C and then start probing for doneness. It's done when the probe feels like it's going into room temperature butter.

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