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Jerk Rub


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Some help/advice, it's not quite right

I bought some proper and I mean as proper as you can get Jamican rub for my jerk chicken. I only ever use wet sauce. Reading here it got to be worth a try

Same as always BBQ, just using a rub

The man said on the stall, who has been there 100 years in Brixton, London which is most probably true, it is full Jamaican rub, I bought two as they looked different

The taste test is a little salty which is quite correct and tastes as I would expect, all good nothing wrong

Rub, how much to use, what the tricks?

Say 1.5kg leg and thighs chicken, so about 8 or 9 pieces

Just does not seem to be enough rub, and when cooked seems flat, to what I am used to. I can double the rub and marinade the same overnight

I know I am missing some secrets and experience here

Will try to post up my Jerk rubs, I am sure I have tried rub before and was never happy


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when i jerk, i brine first(see the chicken post dave) overnight, then i rinse off the brine and make a marinade = cple tbls of jerk seasoning, blitzed spring onions(lots of em) some soy, whole scotch bonnets, garlic etc, and some oil, i leave that for a good few hours, then its straight on the grill from the tub.


the brine and the marinade for me is the key to getting that jerk flavour right through the meat.



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Hold on, stop. Pause, I have got this completely wrong and made a right mess of things in my attempts

That's different to what I have been told in Brixton, London a couple of times and seen all my life. Admitted never seen the chick Jerked  in progress just the jerk s it is bowl to grill

I am going to follow you here and see where it takes me, be fun and interesting too. Will post back soon when some updates

Many thanks, really appreciate it



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i'm sure others do things differently, but thats just how i do it.


to add, if say i am doing just 2 pork chops, then i still do the same brining bit, but i dont marinade, i will simply rinse them off, pat em dry, give the a rub with garlic butter and a good coating of my jerk mix/dry rub and then just leave them till i'm ready to cook.


s'pose as long as you can get that flavour into the meat, thats all that counts.


have fun cooking, i'm sure you will get it sussed.




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This is the best jerk seasoning that I've used. Got it off amazon. I always brine my chicken now ,whether its a whole chicken or wings it gets bribed. I just put a few tea spoons of this in my brine to add the depth of flavour ,leave overnight then sprinkle the dry rub and vacuum seal it ready for the afternoon bbq. Be careful though its strong stuff so I'd experiment with it first. Its great if you just want a dry jerk or i baste in dunns jerk sauce for a sticky jerk. I have plenty of Jamaican friends who can cook jerk from scratch and they have all been impressed with this stuff.

Edit. Ive had a new phone and can't upload the picture. Its called jerk dust

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Adi thank you great information. I think you and I have much to discuss

Would love to see some pictures.. of the rub and once the chicken has been rubbed

I have now a couple of rubs, one pretty well known, forget the name, ill check and post back. and I have two secret rubs. I say that ones browner and ones orange, both bought week or two ago from a stall in Brixton, South London from Jamaican sells. If you try the rub itself it is oh my word, amazing - just can't get on with it

The brine I find can overpower, maybe I'm going to strong thou good a better piece of chicken as retains more moisture, and the flavours way enhanced

Often I am just too impatient and want my chicken so trim and prep the pieces, sauce all over, not too much but plenty

BBQ going and cook, baste with 50/50 sauce to water and bingo killer jerk chicken. I have perfected this way after so long, and want to try other ways

If you want to smash your jerk, make your sauce and get it so you like it and add 2 teaspoon Dunns River Jerk, couple extra scotch bonnets and boom 2 teaspoons of jer rub… that’s so deep and strong, you gonna love your jerk it is amazing and the most popular always



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