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There is always a first time!


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Hi there! Hope everyone is healthy in this unsettling time.

Well this is the first time except for my first foray into cold smoking when the plume of smoke nearly had the fire brigade round, that I have had a total failure!

1 kilo of Scottish Salmon, cured for 12 hours in the fridge with a mix of salt and sugar. 2/3 salt to 1/3 sugar.  Rinsed patted dry and rested in the fridge for 12 hours. Then smoked using apple wood chips for 11 hours. 
Result a pale moist and rather tasteless side of salmon which is now cut up for bbqing!

i suspect I was too mean with the cure. (As my wife tends to complain my smoked salmon is too salty) The weight loss was minimal. Then also the smoking time?......again HID complains my produce is sometimes too smoked!! Usually I would have smoked for 18 hours. Note: everyone I have given or supplied with my smoked salmon have been happy ...or kind...and like the taste! No I won’t change the wife, not after 50 yrs 9 months and 6 days!

I recon I have probably answered my own questions  but would appreciate your ideas as well.

David / ruedeleglise.

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It's difficult, everyone does it different and I certainly have took a few goes to find my happy medium. I tend to use gin with some spices with my sugar and salt, as it gives a nice refreshing light taste to the finished salmon. Once again personal preference, but I tend to cold smoke mine 10-12 hours as I find a strong smoky flavour isn't needed with the cure mix I use, but everybody tastes are different and some people like a stronger smoky flavour.

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