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Jerk Chicken my way


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Right now today has been on of them days

leg and thigh, prep, jerked and in fridge... 

Now it only fair as fair can be, I take a lot from this forum so my time to give some back

I tell all of what I do and dam they Jerks something else, I will try to get some pictures up as well tomorrow as that’s cook day 

its nothing amazing, in fact most will think basic, but i promise so many just love the chicken when I’m done with it, and that’s all that really counts

First step
remember In London based

Chicken Aldi or Lidil leg and thighs today, any old bits will do thou

Cut/trim the fat and keep it all in a bowl (explain in a bit or later why)

Now score, we all know that bit, deep as you like, as many cuts as you like

Your PRE MADE Sauce is require, enough in to well cover, run in cuts and put in fridge in readiness

Sauce ah that’s a problem, Ill post my version another time I promise

So far –

Chicken in fridge marinating

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I have a simple Webber, I got given 5 or 6 years back as my old bbq that was just the same was showing signs. Its round thing, that’s 18” across I guess, lid air vert on the top

Inside halfway there’s a ridge and that my line where the rack sits for coals, and on top a lip for the cooking rack

I use a mix of briquettes and lump wood, before joining here I did not care what coals I used just picked up any old bag and made do, I don’t drive to carry is the best I can do

I try to be cleaver and have coals in the middle and work out making the outer ring cool area. I use say 8 briquettes as a base and add lump wood on top and around the outside, in lumps etc

I add lighters at the very bottom, grill over, add coals on top of the grill, and its ready of lighting

The base bottom I clean out, just spoon off the ash, never clean or get all the ash out, just a quick minute that’s all

The rack I never clean that holds the coals

BBQ above the charcoal rack
And above the rack line is when the action starts, black, sticky and burnt on narley. That’s the gold and never gets touched ever, I never touch or clean this area.
If it is windy and ash get stuck to the sides, I brush corn oil all over to make the ash stick and not go one the food, the oil kind of burns away and becomes part of this sticky layer, and the smell is very BBQ

The lid
never cleaned, every, sometimes gets a treat of getting oil covering, have to be a bit careful and the lid rib is outside the BBQ so its drips and excess oil on the floor, just wipe or brush in the inside of the BBQ

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Time for a bit more

Made a batch of sauce, and wanted to share, trying to do a step by step in installments, which hopefully will be useful to others

I have made so Jerk sauce, now it is all by eye, so please ask any questions. Will post the ingredients, weights and measures next

This is real as I made my sauce, and what i tend to stick to, works every single time

Things you need:
Ingredients prepped
Long spoon

The base of Jerk is scotch bonnet chilies, I have tried every possible chili and all sorts of methods, ways and far the best is the simplest
Buy what you want, wash well, do not de-stalk, thou I generally d. I always buy different size and colours as they all taste different
Put in a suitable container and freeze them, i freeze mind with thyme


The other often missed ingredient is fresh Thyme, I think I use a fair bit, again wash and freeze it


Spring onions, try to get fresh, not half-dead one that been in the shop of a bit. Check the green tips are not rubbery, this happens more whith bigger sprint onions/fatter. These never blend well and cut off the roots and iffy looking bits. The picture below are the bad bits





Rough ground black pepper


Scotch bonnet


Fresh ginger


Ground cinnamon


Ground pimento and whole pimento


Paprika (two types)


All seasoning


Pepper pure


BBQ sauce


Lemon juice


Soy sauce


First blend


After 2nd blend


To show volume made and consistency


Forgot to take a picture of the corn oil



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Hi Smash, i need to update with next step and cooking

Anything you like to ask, check etc, please post be happy to help. I have tried to cover all I can. the quantities are a bit hit miss as i have been doing this for so many years I just make sauce and taste

Be careful thou, my sauce is very very strong and can be hot, i do add more heat generally

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6 hours ago, davew said:

Hi Smash, i need to update with next step and cooking

Anything you like to ask, check etc, please post be happy to help. I have tried to cover all I can. the quantities are a bit hit miss as i have been doing this for so many years I just make sauce and taste

Be careful thou, my sauce is very very strong and can be hot, i do add more heat generally

Thanks Dave and I will do if needed, after the other recent post about spices etc I’m going to order a bunch and hopefully have a muck about this weekend, finding it hard lately get the smoker going as have a new baby and he is ruining my life 😂

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