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Firepit Advice Or Recommendations


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Looking for a Firepit for the patio, not bought one before, so know idea of what is a good one or not. 

We are thinking about this one at 60cm an ideal size (don't really want a bigger one) and around our £100 budget as will have probably have to spend £20-30 on a cover as well. But if this is a poor one or there is better value for money ones, happy to look at other recommendations.

Firepits are a bit like BBQ's/Smokers and selling out at most places it seems

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11 hours ago, danwtmoon said:

I’ve this cast iron one from amazon which has been fantastic as a pit and for cooking (57cm accessories fit perfect)


Esschert Ff44 21 x 59 x 59cm Large Fire Bowl Cast-Iron - Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000V031H8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_48bYEbCRR93DJ






Looks good, We were looking at the Esschert Laser Cut Fire Globes, bit more than we wanted to spend but looks pleasing to the eye when lit at night. You certainly have some interesting accessories there for the fire bowl and although it tempst me, will need to sell it on the fire bowl side of it, rather than the cooking side of it to my wife  as it is her idea to have one 😃

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