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  1. Very hard to see what the bread mix was. You paused on it, but I couldn't read it. Be good to have a list of ingredients, either in the video or as a link.
  2. Ooh, got a link to the recipe? Curried cauliflower or cabbage here is using up leftovers. Microwave to get it hot, then add to oil/turmeric/curry powder/seeds (cumin-kalonji-mustard-whatever). Maybe garam masala.
  3. It'll be a generic belt. You need the size :) If there's a number printed on what's left of the belt, you're in. Otherwise, here's a link from a quick search: https://www.drivebeltshop.co.uk/how-to-measure-a-drive-belt.html
  4. arian

    Deal on salmon

    [OT] Deals such as this salmon get posted in various threads and so are easy to miss. Would it be worth having a topic for posting deals? "Heads Up", or some such? Mind, there's lots of topics already :)
  5. No experience, so ignore me, but putting things in cold water means they defrost quickly, so I'd not bother waiting. After all, the bird's going to be in the brine for ?24 hours.
  6. I've made this recipe in a slow cooker, but with a half shoulder. Works well.
  7. Maybe the name lost something in the translation :)
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