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Commercial Freezer Cold Smoker Conversion

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After having used my offset smoker for cold smoking for many years, as I was ramping up my business I needed to progress onto a larger, more practical, cold smoker. When I was was given a stainless steel catering freezer two years ago it was the perfect opportunity to make a cold smoker that was more fit for purpose. 

The chiller unit was easily removed and the cosmetic sides at the top of the chiller unit housing were cut back to allow it to fit in the smokery.


An electrical control box was then used to create the cold smoke generator housing, which holds either an AMNPS type pellet smoke generator or a tube smoke generator.



The stainless steel smoke feeder tube has holes drilled underneath and has a smoke baffle that sits on top (not shown). Below you can see the cold smoker in place next to the FEC-120 hot smoker.


In the flu I have added a 4" variable speed brushless fan so that I can accurately control the air flow through the unit. The photo below was taken recently and the colour reflects 2 years of use.  This leads to an external exhaust vent that is located next to the vent for the FEC-120.


In my old smoker the temperature management was very crude and the external air temperature often dictated when I could and could not smoke. A temperature control system was therefore added to the new smoker by using TH20 Temperature and Humidity controller.


The Temperature is controlled using a combination of a pair of 100W ceramic heaters for heating and a Peltier chip sandwiched between two fan assisted heat sinks and air conditioning in the smokery for cooling.


The smoker now provides an all-year environment where I can smoke in commercial quantities. The temperature management allows for the smoking of butter and cheese at lower temperatures (10-12 C) and smoked salmon at higher temperatures (25 C). The variable speed fan in the exhaust allows me to finely control the burn in the smoke generator and ensures that a good steady air flow is maintained throughout the chamber.


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