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Weekend banquet! Bring on the sun!

Tim E

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Been waiting for this weekend for what seems to be ages!

Got some brisket, short rib, baby rib and belly, for an absolute banquet. Might have some salad to cleanse the pallet between courses!

Her are a few pics of the prep.

(Apple for size appreciation! )




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Basic Salt and pepper rub nothing too spicy the kids won't eat it, 220f ribs for about 4-5 hours at the chimney end of the smoker, brisket in the middle, for about 6-7, then will give it a foil wrap to get it to 195f, then will rest in a cool box in a tea towel for an hour. Trying out some new kiln dried oak, large 12inch chunks in an effort to having to attend to the fireevery 10 mins with smaller cuts. Also got a stack of bud to keep me focussed!

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All a bit over done for me only me to blame, might need to get a proper meat thermometer, my engine analyser is just not cutting the mustard. Does everyone else have a large differencial between the fire box and the chimney? Off set smoker. Any advice?IMG_20200516_173445.thumb.jpg.ecadbf617ae91ba25a5005c6447be52a.jpg





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