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Hello there!


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Afternoon everyone!

Took delivery of one of the Aldi Kamado Grills this week as a first foray into smoking and proper outdoor cooking & BBQ!

Been watching enough videos for too long so thought i'd dip my toe in the water and give it a go!

Going to be getting it put together on Saturday, struggling to find a local supplier of decent lumpwood charcoal but managed to pick some pur lumpwood up from morrisons for £5 a bag which should see me through the cure of my Kamado and the first few cooks :)

Going to attempt some chicken wings after the curing is done tomorrow I think, so will report back with the results!


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13 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Dan, good to see that your are not going to chuck a £40 Brisket on as your first cook.

I always recommend a chicken (£4.00)

But even better Chicken Wings @ a couple of Quid, while you are getting used to your new kit.

Ooof yeah, i'll stick to the cheaper cuts for a while I think!

Might try a whole chicken, maybe a beer can chicken next weekend actually!

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Didn't get round to the wings in the end as just wanted to concentrate on getting it "cured" and having a play around with the temps!

Feeling a bit lost as to hoe to achieve such low temps at the moment! Don't currently haBe a chimney starter so after starting a fire off just on the Kamado the temperature really started to shoot up fast and was pushing 250°c within 10-15 minutes, so had to really shut both top and bottom vents down fast to try slow it down!

Im thinking a chimney starter would let me get a fire going first before dumping the fuel into the fire bowl with the grates "pre-set" to try and control the temps?

Photo below of the Aldi Kamado fully built, and don't worry, I moved that sticker to one of the back legs shortly after realising it was there 😛


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