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Best place to order briquettes

Mikey B

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If you are struggling to find any online, noticed my Lidl had a pallet full of their Briquettes in store (think they were £2.99) for a 5kg bag on the weekend. Tried them last summer and they did a good job with my ProQ last year. Burnt evenly and hot

If you have one local to you and they have stock, maybe worth trying a couple of bags to see if they are any good for you?

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I used them in a ProQ just filling the basket with a hole in the middle for the lit ones to pour in from the chimney starter and a couple of chunks of wood on the outside of the basket that would then start smoking usually, when the temp had equalled out to around 225F from the lit ones added. Pretty sure somewhere between 5 and 7 kg of briquettes will all that will be needed for an 8-10 hour lo&slo cook

I know people like the minion method and you may well use less with this method? just never had a use for it personally. But sure they would work just as well with the minion as well

They are the all Black bags, with white writing (from memory, I am sure they're made by BigK) are the ones you want and not the other ones with orange coals and flame picture on the bags

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The best briquettes I use are Heat Beads - they give out a lot of heat over a long period of time - especially when used as a minion. Some who are not used to the fact that they take a little longer to light say they dont get on with them, but for long cooks I have not found anything to beat them. 

Weber briquettes are good too, so are some of the formed and cube briquettes. What you are looking for are briquettes with high density.





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