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As some of you may have read I am working with a proQ frontier. I am starting to wonder if I am maybe overloading it with fuel. I havent managed to source any smallish blocks of wood right now that are a reasonable price other than the ones people like ProQ themselves offer for sale but feel it may be a little more pricey than seasoned chunks of wood but i also feel I will get a better burn with them.
My logic for a lot of this is there isnt really a lot of room in the bottom of the proQ once the water pan is in there so air circulation isnt ideal compared to having a separate fuel chamber. I am not sure if this is the same with the WSM but I would assume it is similar. I was starting to wonder if once I get the temp up on the smoker using pellets may be a more efficient wood fuel for the smoke flavours or even buying the chippings designed for a normal bbq... Or do I just stump up the cash for those nice little cubes the likes of ProQ offer... Dilemmas Dilemmas...

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If you’re not using the wood as a fuel but just to produce smoke then I wouldn’t see a problem using smaller chunks or chips. I’ve always used wood chips soaked and usually in a foul pouch. I would assume you’d get the same effect with a spread of smaller chips through your coals as you’d achieve with just 2 or 3 larger chunks.

Mikey B

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