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Recipe build.


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I have a couple of old recipe books that I find interesting, even way back into history. I have this one recipe that I've been looking at doing and making a video of it.

Now the problem is, in the old days most dishes were mixed by it looking correct, even Rosemary does her pastry by touch, it's how the mixture feels to her.  I weigh my ingredients whenever I cook, most time, not when you're putting a rub on a rack of ribs. 😂

Now this recipe I have does come with some measurements, but when I think it through I just know that something is not right. It's the liquid part of the dish, I had a go yesterday by sorting out what part of the recipe would work, but when it comes to this one ingredient it's not enough....so do you just increase this one part?? how's that going to work with the whole dish??.
Then you have to think about increasing other parts of the dish but then how close to the original dish will your's be??.🤔

After a little trial & error, I managed to get the dish in the oven and I must admit it's SMEGGING brilliant....even if I do say so...I've written down what I've done/changed will have another go over the weekend and the video will be running fingers crossed.



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