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Hullo from Bonnie Scotland!


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Hullo folks, I’m a complete beginner to the smoking low n slow method and processes. I grill on gas as of a couple of years ago when I got a pretty good one really cheap. I miss charcoal though. Soooo I run a wee woodcraft school and I’m about to start making charcoal too so back to it! I’m also looking into making a smoker. At the mo I’m considering a filing cabinet one. So anyone with any experience of them please let me know! Cheeri the noo! 

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Hi Access and welcome to the forum.

Are you looking to make a cold or hot smoker from the filing cabinet? They do make good cold smokers however all of the attempts that I am aware of to make one into a hot smoker have have left a lot to be desired. I suggest that going down the UDS route would be more successful. A UDS or "Ugly Drum Smoker" is made from an oil drum and these are regularly used to make very successful hot and cold smokers. There are several companies that sell kits to convert the drums but the components are easily sourced or fabricated yourself.

Smokin Monkey (Steve) has made a UDS and I am sure he will be able to give you some guidance. 

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HI Access, firstly welcome to the Forum!

I have seen people try building the Filing Cabinet Smoker, the only problem is, getting them air and smoke tight. There are lots of openings that need to be fitted with Stove Rope etc.

The better route is the UDS as mentioned.

Heres a link to my build UDS build

They are easy to build.

Exciting news regarding the Artisan Charcoal. If you manage to produce, you are always welcome to advert it  on our Member Map under Charcoal Suppliers.



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Hi guys, thanks for the welcome, thoughts and plans. i'll have a look at them now and let you know how it goes! Thanks for the advertising offer I'm pretty excited about getting charcoal going too. i'll let you know on that front too. Cheeri the noo!

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