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Hi from Berkshire

Kev Edge

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Hi Guys

Always liked BBQ but only this year started smoking when i bought a WSM and a Kettle so I could do more than just the standard sausages and burgers.  Been cooking most weekends now and love it, Brisket, Pork Butt, Beef and Pork Ribs, Chickens.  All turned out great but nort perfect and still have lots to learn.  I did a Weber BBQ course in the summer and learnt so much, will probably do some more in the future

Looking forward to learning more from you guys.







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Hi Kev and welcome to the forum.

Some lovely looking food in your photos. Between the WSM and the Kettle you have everything you need to produce great BBQ and for cold smoking. 

The Weber courses are a good introduction to the versatility of the BBQs and from there you can develop your skills further as you get to know the "personality" of your particular units.

A couple of comments from your photos...

Breakfast always tastes good from the BBQ. Come along to next years Smoking event and we will put you in charge of the Sunday morning breakfast :D

The brisket looked nice and moist. I see you smoked it as a single slab - next time you may want to split it along the natural flap. What temperature and wood did you use and what rub? I see you have the beginnings of a smoke ring there. Maybe cooking at a slightly lower temperature would have brought that out more clearly.

Good looking Fatty/sausage bomb. Fun to make and impresses the guests when served. Nice bacon plat too. Next time you may want to roll the layers a little thinner to get more of a Swiss Roll effect and maybe add a layer of chicken as a contrast. I would certainly be very happy to eat the one you cooked though :thumb1:

Were they beef ribs and burnt ends?They both looked very tasty

Lovely spatchcock chicken too. Cooking them like that keeps them lovely and moist.

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

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