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Ikea Large Chopping Board 46 x 53cm


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Bit random but may hep someone? Currently down to £9 at Ikea or £12.95 delivered

I have this board and it is huge, loads of space to pull pork or slice a brisket on or just general food preparation for adding your rubs to ribs etc, wipes clean really easily

Some people say Bamboo can blunt knives, but i certainly haven't found that and way more sustainable than some woods used on chopping boards

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Fruit, veg do not blunt knifes. Chopping boards do, some more than overs as damages the edge

Dishwashers are the killer to a knife and can make a knife useless if repeatedly dishwashered

The trick I think is to find a thick micro things chopping board easy cleaned that is heavy enough to be a good chopper. Then the impact of the knife to surface is less per stroke thus less issue for the knife

Again try not to dishwasher as the plastic change and go hard and or hard/brittle and that’s a ban thing




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