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The Bird is the word 16 pounder gonna get some work


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  Sup All,

  So due to my schedule Holiday cooking tends to suck for me. I decided to cook my bird early this year, eat the dark meat with mashed potatoes and corn this week and freeze the breasts till next week's thanksgiving. There's only us two old farts here so.

  I put garlic herb butter under the skin and on the outside, but it didn't really spread that great. I still have a half of the butter I might add more after 15 hours we'll see. I also put a bottle of Tony Chacheres injection in the meat. I am gonna let it sit in the fridge till about 5pm so 16 hours. I am then gonna rub it.. Probably be straight double pepper course grind cow cover from Kosmos but I' am toying with doing half the tony chacheres herb creole.

 I saved the backbone for turkey noodle soup or stock should I smoke it some then vacuum freeze it? i won't be using it for a while. I threw the gizzards and neck out though I thought about tossing the neck for the outside cats. I didn't wanna make em sick with bacteria so I just chucked it. I have a feed i watch where they feed them to his serval.

bird 2.jpg

bird 3.jpg


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BAM!!!!! Freakin nailed this one lol... Turkey was super juicy and skin was good but it got eaten LOFL. Skins never as good reheated anyway so I usually munch chicken and turkey skin while I' am cutting the birds up. I hit it with some kpop foods honey glaze wing sauce about 15 mins before pulling. It's a tangy Gochujang Chili glaze. It was a little spicey on my last bites lol. I separated the thighs from the drumsticks later. Cook went pretty good.. Had a flare up at beginning lol I just call them deep cleanings. I started running outta fuel 3 hours in. The 42 degree weather and the flare up munched my fuel LOL. Just waiting for stuff to cool and i' am gonna vacum pack most of teh plate of breast meat and probably the thighs.



Oh one more thing. One thing I would change is the way the legs were covering up the bottom half of the breasts the skin there was trash. the legs shoulda somehow been a little separated and laying flat themselves not on another part of the turkey

finished bird 1.jpg

finished bird 2.jpg

finished quarters.jpg

finished slices 1.jpg

finished slices 2.jpg

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