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Slow Cooker Stroganoff going down today


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Finished, was soooo tired after working a 12 then commuting, then cooking and drinking all day I didn't get a chance to post last night ughhh...


  Turned out fantastic but I' am not a fan of the mushrooms. I don't usually eat em anyway but I wanted to try em in the recipe as that's what it calls for. They seemed a little firm. I sautéed em for about 6 mins in butter then put em in the crock pot for 1.5 hours. Maybe they just needed more time in the cook. Other than that the stroganoff was fantastic. I added sour cream at the end to thicken it up. The 8 oz cream cheese didn't do much so I would skip that next time I think. I ended up adding a little flour slurry to thicken up the sauce. You can see the difference in the two picks. I ate mine on noodles and the ole lady ate hers on mashed potatoes.


The recipe was

4.6 lbs chuck cut into strips and browned

1.5 sweet onions browned

30 oz's of cream of mushroom soup low sodium

18 ounces of beef broth

mustard powder

onion powder


some tony chacheres seasoning

8 ounces of sour cream 

8 ounces cream cheese

8 ounces sliced white mushrooms



finished 2.jpg

finished 3.jpg

finishes 1.jpg

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43 minutes ago, AdamG said:

I will keep an eye out for it👍 Hopefully I will get some more cooks in soon aswell, I have been occupied with work lately.

Ughh, No lie LOL I been working 5 twelves for about a year now.. Money's good but lack of life is an issue LOL. I made stroganoff last week after coming home from my 5th 12 and by the time I was done cooking and having some mixed drinks I was fkin thru LOL

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