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4 hours ago, valve90210 said:

A chap I bumped into in my local wine making shop apparently uses one of those paddle mixers like you use for mixing up plaster to pulp his apples

I've also seen videos of people using stainless steel spades to break up apple for cider/wine making

It is all to do with the quantity of apples you need to pulp. I have a crusher I started to use with my press that looks like a large garden earth rammer with ridges undernearth. It was a lot of work though even with just a few apples. I then tried using a garden shredder. This worked well until the motor burned out after a few hours use. I tried to claim against the warranty but they told me that it was not designed for pulping apples... WELL REALLY!!

For larger quantities the best thing to use is one with revolving wheels with spikes


They are not too expensive (£25-£40) but before you buy one check the dimensions. Some look large in the advert picture but are somewhat underwhelming when you actually see them in real life. Your local wine shop may even be able to rent you one.

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I can see that being the main motivator for a simple method of pulping, as you do need a lot of apples to make a good batch of cider etc!

I love the idea of the garden shredder, shame it burned out!

My little boy watches a youtube channel where someone uses one of the the type of shredder things you've pictured to destroy toys and other such items, I should imagine they make reasonably light work of apples!

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